Forming a Union for the Unemployed

Giving a voice to the voiceless

People may find themselves unemployed for a variety of reasons, including lack of available jobs, sickness or disability. Most people reading this probably do not need any more information about sanctions, forced labour, ATOS and a whole host of attacks being made by the currently unelected government as there are plenty of existing sites on the internet publishing this news.

Moaning doesn’t achieve much by itself and the time seems ripe now for a union that will bring together unemployed people and other concerned parties to coordinate an effective campaign of resistance nationwide. The idea behind this blog is to sound out if such a union would attract enough membership to challenge what isn’t being effectively challenged in parliament or in the popular media and provide a platform for national campaigns against the agencies who are currently making vast amounts of money at tax payer expense for oppressing the unemployed unjustly.

The Union of Unemployed  would, I hope, be entirely voluntary with no wages paid and professional help sought from pro bono friendly sources when needed. If you think that such a union would be a benefit then please post a reply below and if you wish add your own thoughts about how it should be implemented. If you think you are the type who can with ease deal with the media, speak with confidence publicly, or have a talent for organization then please say so or suggest likely people who might be interested.

My own thoughts are that the union should be independent of any political party, trade union, or socio-economic creed. The aims of the Union would be limited to representing the unemployed and resisting the attacks on them through actions and not just words.